Thursday, 7 June 2012


So looking forward to the opening of EYESORE tomorrow night, a much anticipated solo exhibition by the super rad and talented Erin Forsyth. I'll be helping out, you know, walking around pretending to be busy with a clipboard in do come and say hi! Doors open at 6:30pm and the sensational band The Raw Nerves will play a live set at 7.30pm followed by a special selection of audio delights by DJ The Fang.

Metal Artspace, 8 Upper Queen St
Friday the 8th until Saturday the 16th of June
Open daily 12pm - 5pm 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Trip to Blender Studios

Last week I did an artist interview with DREW FUNK for a super rad Australia/New York based street art magazine KINGBROWN. The next issue will be dropping in stores soon so make sure to keep an eye out! 

In between questions I took a few photos around Drew's studio. He's apart of BLENDER, one of the original street art studios in Melbourne. Such a rad space right in the middle of the city with super high ceilings, 15 different work spaces and a gallery out front. Here are a few photos I took around the place on a Nikon camera I'm borrowing from a friend (and super rad photographer) Lekewl using 3200 ISO Kodak film. So much fun playing around with a new camera. Thanks Michael!!

First week in Melbourne and I got to meet Lister. Such a rad artist.


I've seen this tagged a few times around town now. Dude who has taken my name?

I have about 5 rolls of film getting developed at the to say I'm hooked and can't stop. So much eye candy in this city! Hope you enjoy x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Divine People in my Life

Phew! Survived my first large scale installation work. Like I mentioned last week, I'm over in Melbourne at the moment with my good friend and talented artist Tiffany Singh helping out with her participatory installation Drums Between the Bells for the Next Wave Festival. After 30+ hours of prep and a 8 hour installation, her work is now complete and out in the universe. Seeing and hearing 12,000 bells in a tree was honestly so breathtaking....only wish they could of all stayed up for longer!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Week In Melbourne - Part 1

One week in Melbourne and it's conclusive. This is definitely a city I could live in! It's the little things about this city that make me happy. I love being in a city where every night of the week people are out and about, where every night of the week there's something to do. Where Art and Music fill the streets. Where everyone's an artist or if not an artist then a lover of the arts. Where you can happily get lost in endless backstreets, vintage shops and underground train stations, stopping whenever you feel the need to warm up with steaming hot mulled wine or some of the most delicious dumplings you have ever tasted. It's definitely freezing here at the moment so that is pretty often for me :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Areez Katki

The next artist/fashion designer I wanted to share with you all is Areez Katki. He is definitely a young designer worth paying attention to coming out of New Zealand at the moment. You can find his clothing at Children of Vision in St Kevins Arcade and Miss Crab along Ponsonby Road, each garment a unique piece of art in it's own right. A spark was definitely flamed the other night when I saw Areez hand knitting the start of a garment at Flagship...I dream to own one of his pieces! The colour choices, the fabric, the hand touch of Areez himself....just beautiful! Like I mentioned earlier this week, this Saturday is Flagship's first ever Market Day and Areez is one of the stall one more reason to come :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sergio Lopez’ ‘Painted Roses’

  Rugosa Alba

I am so in love with this series by San Fransisco based artist Sergio Lopez. There is something so simple yet so mysterious and intricate about these works. The sexual rawness and delicacy Lopez captures in the female form and the muted natural tones leave me enchanted with each painting. This body of work consists of oil and gouache works on paper, linen and canvas. Definitely on the wish list of art to have on my wall one day :) I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of wall space!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Market Day!

So looking forward to taking part in Flagship Studio's first ever market day! In my personal attempt to become more of a minimalist I'm going through my wardrobe and parting with some much beloved treasures in order to create Lucky for you! Plus I'm making handmade dream catchers along with some sweet treats to share. There will be nine other stall holders along with myself so lots to look at and maybe even take home with you. Come along and say hi this Saturday, 9am onwards in Grey Lynn. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Sara Orme

A while back I came across Sara’s whimsical polaroids in a fashion spread and instantly fell in love. Such a unique way to capture modern fashion through the lens of this dieing format.  As a amateur photographer and lover of all things analog the following Q & A left me super inspired, so my hopes in sharing this interview is that it may spark a little something in you! We all have so much to teach and learn from one another. Enjoy :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Favourite NZ Made - Rings!

At the moment my must have on or feel a bit naked accessory is definitely a ring. Since living in New Zealand I've been discovering a beautiful family of designers that create unique one-of-a-kind rings including Meadowlark, Stolen Girlfriends Club and the talented Zora Boyd from Wunderkammer.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Twenty Seven Names

 Photographs by Guy Coombes

Starting to think about NZ Fashion Week 2012, I've been reminiscing about 2011's Fashion Week. Last year I was lucky enough to join the NZ Fashion Week team and started up their Tubmlr page. So much fun! There were a handful of stand out runway shows but what I was really inspired by was how Twenty Seven Names brought in more of an artistic element, by showcasing a series of blown up photographs of their Winter 2012 collection.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Erin Forsyth

I recently did an interview with NZ based artist Erin Forsyth for Kingbrown Magazines online blog. Here are the highlights and some images of her work. Isn't she awesome?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Balloon Imaginarium Installation

Over the last two years I have been organizing art and fashion events around Auckland City. Sometimes I wake up and literally have to pinch myself that I get paid to do what I love. Since working in these industries my days have been filled with so much inspiration and beauty so I decided to start up this space to share my own inspiration, in the hopes of inspiring others. 

Austin McManus

I recently discovered this photographer in Kingbrown Magazine Issue #7. Love his style and source of recent inspiration. Girl power!

Something to keep you warm

Winter time is approaching for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere. Instead of taking off to somewhere tropical this year I have decided to spend a month in Melbourne...definitely not the warmest place in the world. I'm so looking forward to sharing warm meals and mulled wine with friends, evenings out by the fire pit and bundling up in my favourite vintage fur coats. There is honestly something so luxurious and classic about fur. I am a massive animal lover but if it's vintage my conscious is clear.